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Selling your business is a pretty big deal, don’t be fooled into thinking that selling a café is the same as selling any other business. Whilst there are parts of the transaction that are standard there are also a lot of differences when selling cafes.

Don’t underestimate the advantage of working alongside a specialist in your industry. Benefit from experience gained over more than 20 years and the sale of nine of my own food business as well as many sales on behalf of others.

I love this industry and if you need any advice about buying or selling a café, restaurant or takeaway then feel free to get in touch.

Save Time

Are you worried about how to cope with the added stress and work of dealing with the business sale whilst staying on top of all the day-to-day stuff?

It took me my first 2-3 sales to work it out but I have learnt that the sale process is all about preparation. I have developed checklists and templates as part of my process that make this much quicker and will save you a lot of time.

Having everything prepared will mean that you can provide information to interested buyers quickly which will take lot of stress out of the process for you and will keep the buyer moving forward.

My system and approach is all about making things as easy as possible for you.

Sell for More

It is a known fact that a structured plan to exit your business can increase the value by more than 50% and in some cases as much as 100%.

My system uses the principles of Exit Planning and applies them practically to the hospitality industry to allow business owners to implement plans quickly without adding too much to the working week.

What would even a 20% increase in the value of your business mean to you? Could you find a couple of hours a week to achieve this?



of businesses make a profit - We make sure you are one of them


of employees are engaged - We help you to inspire you team as a true leader


of businesses actually execute their strategy - We will hold you accountable


of businesses sell successfully - We make sure you are one of them


of businesses believe that exit planning is important


of businesses actually have an exit strategy in place

Meet Paul

Hi, I am Paul Leach and I specialise in working with Cafe owners to make sure that they get the best return possible when they sell their cafe. I am the director of GSE Business Consultants who are Specialists in Selling Cafés and based in Sydney.

Having sold nine of my own food businesses over the last 23 years I have learnt a thing or two about how the sale process works.

I have sold most of my businesses myself and a couple through a broker so I have seen the pros and cons of both methods first hand.

I now use my experience to guide cafe owners through the sale process in two different ways.

Firstly I run a program called Six Weeks To Sale that I have developed to help prepare cafes (and their owners) for sale, this step by step process ensures that the business will sell for what its worth, and on your terms.

At the end of this program you will have everything prepared for the sale process and a clear idea of how to get the most from the sale.

At this point you will feel confident and knowledgeable enough to sell the business yourself or you will be able to negotiate a lower commission with a broker. You will have a cafe that will be easier to sell and worth more than similar businesses on the market.

Secondly I can work with you on a one on one basis (NSW only) to help you fully prepare your cafe for sale, this can save a lot of time and suits those people who prefer more personalised support.
At the end of this process I will act on your behalf as an agent and deal with the entire process of the sale from start to finish.

Please note that as this is a personalised service that I chose to deliver myself I can only take on a few one on one clients at any one time.

I just wanted to touch base to say how appreciative we all are of everything you and the GSE programme are doing to support us to the achievement of both our short term and longer term goals. I know we are only in the early days of our journey to the top of this mountain but having you on our team makes the climb realistic and possible.

I know you have put in a huge amount of work on us over the last few weeks which is extremely generous of you so thank you for this. I feel that yesterday’s meeting was a huge success and allows us to now focus on the job at hand.

It’s great to now have some clarity around where we are going in 2017 and with a fantastic team/culture. Thanks again and looking forward to our next catch up.

Jesse Gardiner

My company has been working with GSE for nearly a year now and they have helped me turn my business around.
Not only are we now more profitable but GSE have bought in new customers to the shop through digital advertising strategies.
I would highly recommend these guys to help you drive your business to where it needs to be.

Duane Towner

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