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Our Canberra Office is run by Robert Illsley, an experienced hospitality professional, qualified Business Broker and licensed Real Estate Agent.


Rob focusses on two main services designed specifically for hospitality business owners; business brokerage and coaching/consultancy.




Unlike many Canberra business brokers we realise that selling a business is about far more than putting an ad online and waiting for the phone to ring


We offer tailored solutions for business owners who are looking to maximise the value of their businesses. Our exit strategy and appraisal service has been built from the ground up and will allow us to take a deep dive into your business and will help us to work with you to formulate a sales strategy designed to offer you solutions based on your individual needs.


At the end of this process you will know exactly what your business is worth in the current market and what strategies will add extra value.


Your listing will get great exposure as well as access to our database of qualified buyers who are all located in the ACT and looking for a business like yours.


As one of the leading business brokers in Canberra Rob has a strong network of buyers that he has built a strong relationship with.


Many of the sales executed by Rob have been “off market” meaning that the deals were negotiated without advertising the business.


If you have sold a business before you will understand that getting an offer is the easy part, having an experienced professional put together a comprehensive offer and then walk with you and your purchaser through the sale process will ensure a greater probability that your deal will complete successfully and on time.


Coaching and Consultancy


Many business owners contact us to enquire about selling but when we really dig into what is going on it becomes clear that the reason they want to get out is not because they really want to sell but because they have lost control over their businesses and it is not providing the freedom and lifestyle they dreamed of.


This led to the development of a coaching and consultancy service designed to give control back to people. We believe passionately that for coaching and consultancy to truly be successful it requires a one on one approach with a commitment from both parties to embrace change.


We will help you to take a deep dive into what is happening in your business and will help deliver solutions that will give you back the passion for your business. This is backed by a full suite of tools and resources in our innovative and comprehensive online GSE Hub


Financial freedom and a business that serves you, rather than the other way around is potentially just around the corner.


If you own a hospitality business and have been looking for a business broker in Canberra then you may be interested in talking to Robert about how he may be able to help you.


Contact Rob today for an informal chat.

Robert Illsley 0415 243 750

[email protected]


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