Coffee Roasters on The Northern Beaches

Northern Beaches Coffee Roasters

    This page is designed to showcase local Coffee Roasters on The Northern Beaches and North Shore to help buyers and cafe owners become more aware of the options available to them.   I have added this page as I am often asked for suggestions and recommendations from people buying cafes as well as […]


Professional Cafe Valuation

  The True Value of a Professional Appraisal – Four Recent Case Studies   Yesterday I spoke with two owners who had recently had their businesses “valued” to get an idea of what their business might be worth.   Both calls had several things in common which is not unusual, the one thing that really […]


Cafes For Sale in Sydney

Cafes For Sale in Sydney

  GSE Business Consultants specialise in helping people to sell cafes across Sydney, Canberra,  Regional NSW and throughout Australia.   If you are looking to buy a cafe and would like further information about any of the businesses listed please register as a buyer and complete the Confidentiality Agreement.    Once logged in you will […]

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How to Sell A Café – Planning the Sale – Ten Quick Tips.

  If you skip the planning stage then you can run the risk of coming across nasty surprises later on that can stall the sale, i.e. problems with your lease or problems that may mean that you end up with less from the sale than you expected.   I have had both of these things […]


Coffee Roasters in Brisbane

DRAMANTI COFFEE ROASTER   Artisan Wholesale CoffeeArtisan Wholesale Coffee WHOLESALE: 0430 587 910 GENERAL ENQUIRIES: [email protected] WHOLESALE ENQUIRIES: [email protected] DRAMANTI HQ: UNIT 3, 471 LYTTON ROAD, MORNINGSIDE, QUEENSLAND, 4170 CAFE: 94 TINGAL RD, WYNNUM QLD 4178 OPEN: M-F 6AM – 12PM, SATURDAY 6AM – 11AM   THE DRAMANTI WAY   From humble beginnings, Dramanti first […]


Cafes For Sale on the Northern Beaches Sydney

Cafes For Sale on the Northern Beaches - Sydney

Cafes For Sale on The Northern Beaches Sydney   View more cafes for sale in Sydney Here       GSE specialise in helping cafe owners to sell their business at the right time and at the right price. This page shows some of the Cafes For Sale on The Northern Beaches Sydney that we currently […]

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Five Key Questions To Ask Your Buyer

  During the sales process it is essential that you qualify your buyers at different stages. When you get an inquiry or have an inspection then make sure it’s not just about the buyer asking questions about the business, make sure that you get your fair share of information as well.   In the current […]


How to Sell a Café – The Three Stages of the Sale

  The Sale Process – Stage one – Planning Selling a café or any hospitality business is not like selling a business in (most) other industries. I am sure that I don’t need to spell out the main difference, the subject of the “C” word is probably a whole post on its own. Whilst the […]


Are the outgoings that you are paying actually due?

Are the outgoings that you are paying actually due?

      Its quite common for outgoings to be charged by landlords in addition to rent, the amount charged varies from lease to lease.   Some landlords will pass on charges like business rates, land tax, strata fees etc and some charge for many more items related to the building in which your business […]


Get rid of the tyre kickers early on.

  A lot cafe owners that I talk to about selling their cafe ask me about how to deal with time wasters or “tyre kickers” as they are affectionately known.   Dealing with inquiries in the early stages does not need to be nearly as time consuming as you might think it is.   The […]


How to Prepare a Cafe for Sale

In my opinion running a cafe cannot really be compared to running many other businesses. From the outside it can look like a dream lifestyle business but for many people that’s not the reality. The first cafe that I setup and run for 11 years certainly didn’t improve my lifestyle in the early stages! There are many things to think about when selling a cage and this article takes a quick look at how to prepare a cafe for sale.


How to Calculate Your Add Backs When Selling a Cafe

  Video Transcript   As we move into the preparation stage, a really important part of that is making sure that we get the price on the asking price of the business right. So, we want to make sure that you’re going to get the best possible return that you can from the sale. We […]

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What to Ask Your Solicitor before Selling Your Cafe

      As part of the planning phase, we’re going to talk in this video about what you need to discuss with your solicitor. Setting up an appointment with your solicitor early on is one of the most important things to do because you’re going to be reviewing the lease with them. If there […]

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How to Apportion Goodwill, Fixtures and Fittings

    The split between goodwill fixtures and fittings is something that will be agreed as part of your sale negotiation, knowing your tax position and what will suit you best is going give you the best chance of getting the terms that you want. If you have this figure worked out before you agree […]

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Industrial Style Northern Beaches Cafe

Industrial Style Northern Beaches Cafe

This well-known Café on The Northern Beaches has been established for more than 4 years and, has been with the current owners since opening.   There are approx. 10 seats outside and 25 inside, the café is 54 square metres internally, with additional storage area.   Current coffee sales are 23 KG per week and […]


Busy Beachfront Cafe & Restaurant

Beachfront Cafe For Sale

This well established Café & Restaurant has an area of approx. 250 square metres and occupies a prime beachfront location on The Northern Beaches. There are 90 seats inside and 32 on the designated outdoor seating area. The café offers a wide range of breakfast dishes as well as a full lunch & dinner menu, […]


Do I Need To Pay GST When I Sell My Cafe?

      Do I need to pay GST when I sell my Cafe?   The question about whether or not GST is payable on the sale of a cafe is something that seems to confuse many people and, it is certainly something that you should look into before you sell.   The short answer […]


How to Increase the Value of a Café

How to Increase the Value of a Café   In some ways selling a café is very different to selling other businesses but there are several ways in which you can add value to a café that are pretty much the same with most businesses.   So how can you increase the value of your café? […]

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How to Sell a Cafe – Changes to Lending Criteria

How to Sell a Cafe - Changes to Lending Criteria

I wanted to make you aware of some changes that we’ve noticed recently with the lending criteria and the way that banks are looking at small business finance in particular with business loans for cafes and food businesses. These changes could affect the sale of your cafe in the later stages which is naturally something […]