Members Area

Welcome to the GSE Membership Area

Welcome to the membership area of GSE Business Consultants.

This site is designed to help and support our Six Steps to Sale clients throughout the sale process.

The aim is to keep all of the resources that will help you with the sale process in one place as well as making the sale process easier to understand.

You will also find instructions about how we will be working together, how to check the progress of your sale, how to see the results from you advertising program and any other relevant information relating to your sale.

What to do if you have a question or need some general help.

The Six Steps Program includes unlimited phone and email support.

To make sure that I am set up to give you the best support possible when we speak it would be a great help if you could book in a time for a call by using the button below.

By doing this i can make sure that I have all of the information about your business to hand and we can deal with your question in the most time efficient manner for both of us.

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Time Management Tips

Watch Videos Quicker with this Chrome Extension

Whenever I am watching a lot of videos I like to speed it up a bit, I have the Chrome Video Speed Controller installed so that I can adjust the speed that the videos play.

As this membership area contains quite a few videos I would recommend installing this or something similar.

Setting Up Dropbox

This is where we will be storing all of the information about your business

Dropbox is a secure and private cloud based system that will allow you to easily share the documents that I will need to have access to in order to deal with the sale.

This system is much quicker and easier for both of us than emailing backwards and forwards.

Don’t worry if you have never used Dropbox before, setting up an account is free and takes less than 2 mins.

Only you and I will have access to your folder.

What to do now

Check your inbox for an email from Paul Leach [dropbox]

Accept the invitation to the folder named [your business name]

If you do not have an account just follow the prompts

Once inside the Folder (as below) click “upload files” on the right hand side and chose the document that you would like to add.
Always check that your business name appears at the top of the folder.

Work your way through the Document list that you will find in Module Two