Would You Like Help to Sell Your Cafe


Without Having to Pay Commission?

Let Me Guide You Through The Process and Save You Time, Money and Stress.

  • Get Support From Somebody Who Knows the Business and Has Been Where You Are

  • Get the benefits of working with a Broker WITHOUT the commission

  • Make Sure You Sell For The RIGHT Price and On YOUR Terms

Have You Ever Wished There Was a Way of Getting Help & Support when Selling Your Cafe without Having to Pay Commission?
Do you want to avoid paying commission but are worried that you don't have time to deal with the sale process?
Are you unaware of the process involved in selling a cafe and a little daunted at the thought of doing it on your own?
Have you ever wished that there was something in between selling the business on your own and having to pay big commission to a Broker?
What is The Six Weeks to Sale Program?

The Six Weeks to Sale Program is a Completely New Approach to selling Cafes.

The program is designed to help busy Cafe owners to sell their own business and to save them time and money.

The weekly sessions help the cafe owner to prepare the cafe for sale and to fully understand the sale process.

At the end of the program the Cafe owner will have a clear plan, all the documentation required and all the marketing material needed to sell the business for the right price and at the right time.


Are you considering selling your cafe yourself but could benefit from some support? 

This is a great way to get more from the sale by saving on commission and, will not take too much of your time or be too stressful.

If you are a little concerned about whether the timing is right, exactly how the process works, what the potential pitfalls are or, how you can get the best result then this is the program for you.

Would you like to take the guesswork out of whether your cafe will sell or not? 

I will work with you to make sure that when your cafe goes on the market it is well prepared, priced properly and that it WILL Sell on your terms.

If you are feeling daunted or nervous about the process I will guide you through a step by step system I have developed from selling nine of my own food businesses (and many for other people)

If you are already doing long hours and are worried about how you can deal with the extra work of selling your own business then this service could be just what you need.

Who is This  Program Designed For?

This program is for Cafe owners that are currently selling their business themselves or considering the sale of their Cafe in the near future.
This Program Is Right For You if....

You have a cafe that you would like to sell but are worried about the time that selling the business on your own will add to your working day.

You know that you don't want to pay commission but are also not sure that selling on your own is completely the right solution.

You would like the support of a specialist who can take care of advertising, marketing and dealing with buyer inquiries.

Once we have found a buyer for you we will deal with the whole process right up to exchange of contracts.

Once we have passed everything over to your solicitors we can either step out and leave you to it or stay involved until completion, the choice is yours.

You feel a little confused and even daunted about selling your cafe and you would benefit from some support and knowledge to help you feel more confident about the whole process.

You are wondering if you should use a broker or sell the business yourself and would find it helpful to have a solution that is in between the two options.

You know that you want to sell the business yourself and would like to benefit from the experience of somebody who has done it multiple times and learnt a lot of lessons.

You do not want to spend your days wondering IF your business will sell and instead want to feel confident that it WILL sell because you have followed a proven system.

Let me Guide You...

Feel Confident

Imagine how you would feel knowing that your Cafe WILL sell and is priced correctly.

Knowing that you have followed a proven process will give you the confidence that you will get the result that you are after.

Be Rewarded

Make sure that you are fairly rewarded for all of the hard work you have put into the business.

Don't let a lack of knowledge or preparation at this stage rob you of what you deserve.

Negotiate Hard

Sell the business for what you know its worth and not just whatever you get offered as some people are forced to do.

By coming to the market properly priced and prepared  you do not need to waste time considering silly offers.
Buyers will be aware from the start that your business is a much better option than most.

Save Time and Money

By using this service you will leverage the use of a broker without paying the commission when you sell.

You will have guidance and support all the way through the sale and save $$$

See what others are saying about us

I just wanted to touch base to say how appreciative we all are of everything you and the GSE programme are doing to support us to the achievement of both our short term and longer term goals. I know we are only in the early days of our journey to the top of this mountain but having you on our team makes the climb realistic and possible.

I know you have put in a huge amount of work on us over the last few weeks which is extremely generous of you so thank you for this. I feel that yesterday’s meeting was a huge success and allows us to now focus on the job at hand. It’s great to now have some clarity around where we are going in 2017 and with a fantastic team/culture. Thanks again and looking forward to our next catch up. 

Jesse Gardiner

Just Some of What This Program Includes.....

Business Valuation

How much is your business worth and how should it be valued?

Are there things we can do in the short term to increase the value?

How much perceived  risk will there from buyers and how can we reduce this?

These are just a few of the questions that we will be asking at this stage of the process.

We will work with you to make sure that you get the best price possible for your business.

 Marketing Material

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Zig Ziglar Its an oldie but a goodie!

Any buyer is going to want to know that there is a good future for the business they are buying.

We will work together to prepare the marketing and advertising material for your business.

We will prepare a full business profile document for your cafe which will be sent out to qualified buyers.

Buyer Qualification

We will pre qualify anyone that makes an inquiry about your business.

Everybody that requests more information will need to complete one of our confidentiality agreements

Once we have the signed form  we will speak with the buyer to gather more information and check that they are serious about buying your business.

Once we are confident that the buyer is a good fit for your business we will pass their details on to you. You are then free to contact them at a time that suits you.

Financial Information

We will work with you to ensure that you have your financial information prepared to provide to buyers as needed.

We have different methods that we can help you with depending on the size of your business, the system that you use and of course the Cash element.

Documents & Information

We will help you to get all of the required information together for dealing with buyer inquiries.

Once we have all of this information collated we will froward it on to buyers and deal with questions on your behalf.

Get The Message Out There

Once we are sure that you and the business are ready to go to the market we will help you get the message out there.

We will write the listing and advertise your business on a minimum of six different websites to ensure that your business get maximum exposure.

We will help you with producing the Information memorandum, Non Disclosure agreement, and heads of agreement.

Multiple Listings to Generate the most interest possible...
We Will Help You to Advertise Your Business On Six Websites to Generate Interest Quickly.

When We Receive Inquiries We Will Qualify the Buyers For You So You Only Need to Deal With Serious Buyers







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See what others are saying about us

Not only are we now more profitable but GSE have bought in new customers to the shop through digital advertising strategies.

I would highly recommend these guys to help you drive your business to where it needs to be. 

Duane Towner

Paul Leach

I grew up in the food business, my parents owned two very successful restaurants and I remember working (or a least thinking I was) in them from a very early age.

All through school I knew I wanted to go in to the hospitality industry and the day that I started at College could not come quick enough. I spent an enjoyable three years learning my trade and left college to join my parents in their second restaurant.

In 1992 my parents decided that the time was right for them to sell up and I felt it was also the right time for me to go out on my own.

In 1993 I opened my first Cafe called “Hogarth’s” and that is really where it all began. Since then I have built up and sold nine food businesses and loved every minute (well most of it) and learnt a lot about how the sale process works.

I love the food industry and really wanted to crack double digits and open shop number ten, unfortunately the two things that I value the most in my life, my marriage and my health probably would not have lasted so I called it a day.

I always felt that there was a better way to sell cafes and food businesses and that is where GSE and the “Six Weeks to Sale” program have come from.

I am now using the experience I gained selling all those businesses to help others to do the same. It works well for me as I am still involved in the industry and it helps my clients by them avoiding some of the mistakes that I made when selling my first couple of cafes – Win Win!

If you are considering the sale of your cafe and are not sure if you are going to sell the business yourself or through a broker or if you are not 100% sure what is involved and what happens then you are in the right place.

I would love the opportunity to show you more about how this approach can help you to sell your business either yourself or through a broker and be confident that you are getting the best deal possible.

How Much Does it Cost?
Your Investment
One Off Cost
595 + GST
Thats Just $99 Per Week!

Frequently Asked Questions
Will this service work for Restaurants & Takeaways?
Yes. This will work any type of food business
What size of business is this service designed for?
This service suits any size of cafe or food business and is very popular with those valued below $250K
How is the service delivered?
The service consists of support  via phone/SKYPE/ZOOM, email videos, worksheets, practical tasks and other resources. We will guide and support you all the way.
How much time will I need?
In the early stages we will need some help from you to get all of the information collated to prepare the business for sale and to work out the marketing details.
Once we have the business listed then you can just leave it up to us.
How will I know how things are progressing?
We will give you a login to our website which will allow you to see how many views your ads have had and how many inquiries there have been. This members area will also show you the details of people who have made an inquiry and shows when we last contacted them and at what stage they are at.

Guaranteed Services. Guaranteed Results

Our 6 Weeks To Sale Service will give you all the support, tools and information that you need to sell your Cafe on YOUR Terms

If at any time during the first 30 days you do not feel that you are getting amazing value for money or the level of service that you expected then we will refund you 100% of anything that you have paid. No questions.

There is no minimum term with the service and you are free to cancel at any time.


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