Business Value Enhancement

Business Value Enhancement

Our business value enhancement services are all about making sure your business is optimised to be valued at the highest level possible. This process starts with a detailed look at where you are currently as a company in relation to your longer term goals and aspirations. We will also review recent trends in the business as well as how you are tracking versus your current plans, KPIs and budgets.

Once we have assessed all of this information we will work with you to develop a strategic plan to make sure you can push the business forward in a structured and purposeful way. The core of our plan will be based around the balanced scorecard system which incorporates financial as well as non financial KPIs.

The Virtual CFO Dashboard

The virtual CFO Dashboard makes it quick and easy to assess the financial health of the business. The main benefit of using this tool is to show how small changes can have a big impact on the overall EBITDA of the business. The Virtual CFO tool is also a great starting point to review the most important KPIs of the business and can be  very useful when looking at the priorities for the 90 day business plan.

The financial modelling includes:

  • Cash flow analysis to show how to unlock value that may be trapped
  • Profitability analysis shows how you can improve profit by making small adjustments
  • Revenue drivers show how to improve top line and sales income.
The KPI Dashboard

The KPI dashboard is used to monitor both financial and non financial Key Performance Indicators which we set specifically for your business. This tool is very useful when reviewing monthly results and gives a great visual representation of how you are tracking versus your goals as well as reviewing current year on year performance.

The key advantages of this dashboard are:

  • Creates accountability to goals and targets
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Acts as an early warning system if things are not going to plan
  • Makes it easy to keep your finger on the pulse