The System Max Program

The System Max Program

With the System Max Program we look at your current policies and procedures and identify areas of opportunity. Most small and medium businesses do not have a thorough system in place to ensure that they are fully compliant with current legislation. We work with you implement all of the required policies and procedures to assist with compliance and improve employee engagement.

Typical examples of areas covered by this program are:

HR Policies

We supply and implement policies to help the company meet the obligations of The Fair Work Act.


We have a full range of documentation available for our clients.

Quality Assurance

We supply and implement documentation to help the business meet the ISO 9001 standards

Environmental Plan

We supply and implement policies to help the company meet ISO 1401 standards

Some of the tools we will give you access to are shown below.

OHS/WHS Sysytem

The WHS module is a  Health & Safety management system which can be used by our clients to assist in managing their health and safety requirements. It has been developed as a system to accurately and efficiently log all incidents, risks and controls as they happen.

  • Log Incidents and Corrective Actions
  • Automatically generate Safe Work Method Statements
  • Know that your employees have the right certificates
  • Identify all risks and increase awarness

“As a small to medium business (Hydroflo Solutions), we were constantly at odds with keeping up to date with ever changing OH&S regulations and managing our policies and procedures. The MAUS Hub has been a revelation for our business, providing OH&S Quality and Environmental solutions while addressing performance and accountability within our business. Simple to setup, with excellent interactive ‘webinar’ training, so easy to use and by far the most effective management tool on the market. Well worth the investment.”

Claire Neale, BCIP Pty Ltd t/as Hydroflo Solutions

Quality Management System (QMS)

The Quality Management software establishes a complete framework for ISO:9001 requirements such as document control, audit reporting, non-conformance tracking and more. It provides our clients and their managers with a collection of powerful tools that focuses on achieving quality policy and objectives. It can be fully customised to fit all customer ‘s specifications, workflow and is the most cost-effective solution for business process improvement.

  • Automatic notification system ensuring that all other employes know what is being done, by whom and when actions are due for completion.
  • Log scheduled training events, stored training records and certificate license expiry dates.
  • More Information about this specific app
  • Track Non Conformances and Customer Issues
Policies & Procedures

Regardless of the business size the Policies and Procedures tool makes producing a detailed operations manual quick and simple. This document will increase communication between departments and ensure that staff of all levels understand the correct company procedures.

This short video explains how you can use the Maus Policy Manager to create Policies and Manuals for your company and then track version updates and notify staff of policy changes.

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