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Here's What Our Clients Have To Say...

I was beyond impressed with Paul. From the moment we met (he came to us), I knew he was going to do everything in his power to help us sell our Cafe. He knows the process like no other, and has a professionalism unsurpassed in the industry. Also, his unique financial modelling allowed us to easily pull all the relevant information together which buyers are looking for.

The marketing he and his team put together for us was very impressive, it almost made us consider not selling, he made it sound that appealing :-) His new system of billing and working is awesome, and it makes it so much easier for small businesses like ours to engage real experts like Paul. 

Mate, thanks again for everything you did for us. This was a really high pressure situation, and you made it so easy and effortless. Love your work. Highly recommended!!!! Thanks.

Nick Stenmark

Great service! Paul was very professional and helpful making the process of selling a business less stressful! Always chasing up leads, finding a buyer for our business was quicker than we expected! Thank you Paul!

Rita Tambellini

Having owned our cafe for 3 years and having built it into a thriving business, my wife and I took the decision to sell. At first I was quite daunted by the process and found it difficult to find clear advice and guidance on what to expect. I looked at businesses similar to mine on sales websites and took an educated guess on the value. 

This was a mistake and I incorrectly valued my business which lead to a genuine sales enquiry falling over. At this point I decided I needed the professional help of a broker. I spoke to 3 or 4 firms both local and Sydney based. I found them to be unhelpful, unprofessional and greedy, either promising things I knew they couldn't deliver to get me to sign up or they undervalued my business to get a quick sale. 

Then by chance I found Paul from GSE Business Consultants. I immediately found Paul to be both knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable. He told me about his Six Steps to Sale program and explained how it could help me to sell my business myself with the help, guidance and advice of his company. I signed up immediately and I certainly do not regret it. 

Although it is not a magic wand to sell your business Paul's product offers an affordable alternative to using a broker and to my mind it is a far superior product. The payments were all made while I still had the business so on settlement I only had to deduct the solicitors fee, in effect the business paid its own selling costs. 

Throughout the process Paul was incredibly generous with his time and knowledge and offered a lot of support and encouragement when the going was tough. I think that the GSE Six Steps to Sale product will become an increasingly popular way for people to sell their businesses, it involves you in the process and charges a much fairer price for what I believe to be a superior service than many brokers provide.

Rob Illsley

Professional, reliable service. Paul from GSE is dedicated and relationship focused with on point reporting system putting this company in the ahead of its competitors and business consultants. I am pleased with the service and recommend it highly.

Rison Amin

My experience with GSE was reassuring, that businesses can still have a caring approach. My dealings were with Paul Leach, of who i can not speak highly enough. He made a lot of sense and he listened. 

I wish I did not find that so rare these days. GSE will be the first place I go when next I'm looking for a business.

Stephen Conry